Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nap time!

I decided to go to our beach to relax this morning before my parents remembered what I did last night. Apparently setting up your own home security system with water buckets and whoopee cushions isn't a good idea to prove that you can protect your own belongings.  Instead my parents hired a professional to make sure we all are safe. I hope it works if not I always have Miss Bear. I'm pretty sure she can scare anyone off.

HeadToddleeDoo & CuteBytes Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE 
Blush and Freckles Layers-  Bad Seed
Body-   ToddleeDoo & CuteBytes BABY - Girl
Hands-   ToddleeDoo & CuteBytes Bento Hands Poses 
Shirt-  ~Lazo - Airlie Top. Available in Baby or Kid sizes. The shirt comes with a hud that you can change your shirt to fifteen different colors.  You can buy this shirt at the main store in world.
Shorts-  ~Lazo - Animal Shorts.  Available in Baby or Kid sizes.  The shorts comes with a hud that gives you the ability to change your shorts and the ties on your shorts to twenty different colors each. These shorts are located at the Ninety-Nine Event which ends on the last day of this month.  
Beach Chair-  Gimmick* - Hammock Rocker - Floral 2. No longer available this store has closed.. 


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