Sunday, January 7, 2018

Free Kisses

I do apologize with my absence the past few months. The person that plays me was going through allot of medical things in life those who follow my facebook off and on know whats going on. I took that time to have fun and focus on other things but with that being said I"m back.

I spent the night at my forever sisters house, and well helping the bears get reorganize too.... That is a story by itself as you know my bears are quite grumpy. I end up walking away while leaving them argue who gets to sleep where and I found this cute doggy to cheer me up. Who would turn down free kisses? Not  I!!!

HeadToddleeDoo & CuteBytes Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE 
Blush and Freckles Layers-  Bad Seed
Body-  Bad Seed BeBe Body
Bear ears-  .tsg. Sugar Forest Headband - Bear Princess - Brown
Outfit and scarf- Clair De Lune & Paper Damsels Collaboration Remy Outfit. It's available in twelve different colors and its for made for TD Baby and Bebe body as well. The hud gives you ten different color options for the pants and same with the scarf. You also have the ability to change the color of the pom pom in five different colors. This outfit was available at Color Me Cute. I do apologize for posting late I misunderstood the dates.
Pug- JIAN Love Pugs 1. Free Kisses RARE


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