Friday, August 11, 2017

I Wonder If I Can Sneak This Home!!

I found this robot while exploring the lands today. I noticed he was missing parts, and I am thinking about trying to sneak him home to fix him.. My secret society of magical creatures who are up to no good doesn't have a robot yet. I just have to hope that somehow we can program him to be friendly and not hurt me instead..

HeadToddleeDoo & CuteBytes Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE 
Blush and Freckles Layers-  Bad Seed
Body-  Bad Seed BeBe Body
Outfit-  ~*Buglets*~ Alex Outfit.  This outfit is available for TD Baby & Kids, and for Bebe Sizes too. You have an option to buy from 8 different colors with 5 different T-Shirt Designs, 6 long sleeve colors or even the option to hide the sleeves. Wait there is even more!! Each outfit comes with pants that can change to 6 different colors as well. There is a fatpack option as well that is 50% off. You only have a few more hours to buy this because the Shop Hop Event which ends tonight. Remember all items will be 100L or less until the event ends then the prices will be raised afterwards.

Here is how Shop Hop works join this group to get the amazing hud which started on August 5th and ends after a week. After being at each location for one minute each the store name will be checked off. After everything is checked off you can click the hud and be teleported to Shop Hop main location where you can click to receive amazing prize made by this month sponsor Breaux Jr

 ~*Buglets*~  Shop Hop Item


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