Monday, July 17, 2017

Wake Up Call

I am so excited. I survived the first night at camp. Miss Sharkie, Mr. Sharkie, Miss Bear, Mr. Rex, and I decided to sing a beautiful wake up song to get everyone up in our cabin. However, people here don't appreciate my off key singing and were threatening to throw pillows at me. Don't they see its time to get up and to have breakfast!!!

HeadToddleeDoo & CuteBytes Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE 
Blush and Freckles Layers-  Bad Seed
Body-   ToddleeDoo & CuteBytes BABY - Girl
Dress-  Soda Pop Shop Brooklynn. This adorable dress is available for TD Baby & Kids. There is a hud with 6 different color options for the dress.  This dress is located at the Moon and Back Event. This event ends at the last day of the month. Please see Ad below for more details.
Pose-  .click.  mini pop princess 1. This item is available at Limited 50 which ends on Aug. 12th.

Mr. Rex and the Shark tank is one of a kind sorry!!

Soda Pop Shop  @ Moon and Back Event

click.  @  Limited 50


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