Sunday, March 19, 2017

It's Tea Party Time!!

I can't wait. I been waiting for this day in a long time. Today is the meeting for Secret Society of Magical Creatures Who Are Up To No Good! I think I have enough tea made for the meeting, however, all my guests prefer to stand its just a matter of time before they all arrive.  

HeadToddleeDoo & CuteBytes Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE 
Blush and Freckles Layers-  Bad Seed
Body-   ToddleeDoo & CuteBytes BABY - Girl
Hands-   ToddleeDoo & CuteBytes Bento Hands Poses ( - BABY)
Tea Party Set-   ~*Buglets*~    Tea Party Gacha which has 9 items all together. This is available at The Play Room. See the Ad below for more details. 
Glasses-  {Tiny Trinkets} Zoey Glasses which comes with or without a jewel. 11 different colors and are resizeable. Available at Limited 50.Please see the Ad below for more details.
Romper-  {Tiny Trinkets} Scarlet Romper comes in 11 colors. Available in baby or kid sizes. You can get this item at Color Me Cute. See Ad Below for more details. 
Sandals-  {Tiny Trinkets} Hallie Sandals available in baby or kid sizes. Available at Ninety-Nine. Please see Ad below for more details.

         {Tiny Trinkets} Ninety-Nine.                                                                  {Tiny Trinkets}Color Me Cute  


       {Tiny Trinkets} Limited 50.                                                                      ~*Buglets*~   The Play Room                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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